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Take outdoor sports as the starting point to develop the spo

With the release of State Council Document No. 46 and No. 85 one after another, accelerating the development of sports industry is upgrading towards the goal of developing sports service industry and promoting consumption structure. In January this year, the Implementation Opinions of the People's Government of Gansu Province on Implementing the Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of Sports Industry and Promoting Sports Consumption were officially issued, giving more impetus to the development of Gansu sports industry. Recently, our reporter exclusive interview of Gansu province sports bureau party secretary, director Yang Wei.

Reporter (hereinafter referred to as record) : Please introduce the current situation of Gansu sports industry.

39:1098. (hereinafter referred to as Yang) : gansu as a less developed western provinces, due to historical, natural and social reasons, such as economic development relative lag, the sports industry, a poor foundation weak, historical debt, more sports infrastructure investment is insufficient, sports ground covers an area of 1.12 square meters per capita, sports consumption level is not high, the sports goods enterprises is less, the sports industry structure is single, the total size less than 5 billion yuan. Gansu has made some achievements in sports projects, sports infrastructure, outdoor sports, and brand competitions. In 2006, it was proposed to establish "Gansu Silk Road Sports and Fitness Corridor". The basic idea is to make full use of gansu's unique terrain, landforms and historical and cultural resources, take the construction of sports venues as the foundation, create sports brand events as the highlight, and build a national fitness service system as the goal of the characteristic development model. After nearly 10 years of efforts, the sports facilities construction has made great development in gansu province, the province to build all kinds of sports facilities in 30282, the city (state) of the national fitness activities center coverage rate was 86%, and the coverage rate of 57%, county national fitness center towns nationwide fitness center coverage rate was 56%, and the administrative villages farmer sports fitness project coverage rate of 69%, the proportion of the whole province to participate in regular physical exercise was 32.3%, and the number of social sports instructors, 44000 people, cultivated and held a number of brand competition, with the characteristic of gansu province to realize the sports and cultural integration development and tourism industry.

Record: Combined with the reality of Gansu, please talk about the implementation of "On accelerating the development of sports industry to promote sports consumption" the overall development of ideas.

Yang: Last October, the State Council issued the Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Sports Industry and Promoting Sports Consumption (hereinafter referred to as the Opinions). Gansu Provincial Party Committee and government attached great importance to this and made arrangements for the implementation of the Opinions. The development idea of Gansu is to develop sports industry according to local conditions and reality. The overall goal is to take two steps. By 2020, the environment of the sports industry will be significantly optimized, policies and regulations will be further improved, and the pattern of integrated development of sports and related industries will be basically formed. The number of people who regularly take part in physical training in the province will reach 8 million, and the per capita sports field area will reach 1.5 square meters. By 2025, the basic set up rational layout, function perfect, all kinds of system of sports industry, sports products and services more rich, remarkable increase of mass sports fitness and consumer awareness and sports consumption expenditure per capita increased significantly, the sports industry in stimulating consumption, expanding employment, optimize industrial structure, promoting economic development role into full play, the added value of the sports industry accounted for the entire province GDP proportion increased significantly, the entire province to participate in regular physical exercise to 10 million, the number of sports venue area per capita reached 2 square meters, the sports industry total more than 15 billion yuan.

January 30, "Gansu Provincial people's Government on the Implementation of the State Council to accelerate the development of sports industry to promote sports consumption opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "implementation opinions") printed and distributed. Guided by the spirit of the "Opinions" of the State Council and a series of major development measures of the Provincial Party Committee and government, the "Implementation Opinions" closely combines the development status of the sports industry in Gansu Province, adheres to the principle of seeking truth from facts, gives consideration to economic and social benefits, and highlights practicability and operability.

Q: What progress has Gansu made since the implementation of the Opinions?

Yang: First, policies and measures for the sports industry have been constantly improved. According to the two opinions, each district of the province has formulated the implementation plan to accelerate the development of the sports industry. Joint financial department and other departments issued "the gansu provincial sports industry development special funds management method", on the use of special funds adhere to the "preferential support, focused, open and fair, standardized management, pragmatic" principle, to project subsidies, discount loans, replace subsidies with awards, such as government purchase services form is used, arouse the enthusiasm of the social forces to run sports, promote the sports industry diversification of investment and investment diversification, initially formed various sector of the economy, all kinds of investment main body the sports industry development environment of fair competition. Second, the construction of sports infrastructure has been strengthened. The scale and benefits of "Gansu Silk Road Sports and Fitness Corridor" have been further improved. This year, more than 1,000 village-level farmers' fitness venues, 300 fitness path projects and 50 cage football pitches have been built. Urban communities have focused on building a 10-15-minute fitness circle, building a number of small and medium-sized national fitness venues, fitness squares, fitness trails, cage-style football fields, national fitness paths and other facilities for the convenience of the people. Gansu Provincial Stadium, Lintao sports training base and other key projects are under construction. Third, the scale and quality of brand competitions are constantly improving. Across the province has created a rich local characteristics of the sports brand competition, continuous held in lanzhou international marathon, tour DE qinghai lake international road cycling race (gansu), "silk road" China cross-country rally, "xuan zang road" gobi challenge, zhang ye outdoor in the qilian mountain challenge competition, such as new this year jiuquan, jiayuguan aviation gliding sports activities, jiuquan international gobi large events such as the marathon challenge activities. Fourth, the development of business format is constantly expanding. A number of high-quality sports tourism routes and scenic spots have been cultivated, and zhangye sports and cultural tourism demonstration zones have been established to promote the integrated development of sports and culture, tourism, health and other related industries with outdoor sports as the starting point.

Q: Have you encountered any difficulties in the implementation and what are the solutions?

Yang: The new normal of economic development has put forward new requirements for the development of the sports industry. In the implementation of the Opinions, there are still some problems, such as conservative thinking, inadequate understanding, lack of vitality in systems and mechanisms, and few ways for innovation and entrepreneurship. To gansu to deepen the reform to the power, to innovation and development to energy, according to the requirements of the national, provincial government and administration, continue to deepen reform and further transform government functions, the key to realize "three changes", namely the concept of sports development by only the pursuit of competitive sports performance to mass sports, competitive sports, sports industry comprehensive coordinated development change; The main body of sports development is changed from government management to the participation of all departments and social forces. The development mode of sports has changed from the planned economy mode to the market playing a decisive role in the allocation of resources.

We will actively innovate the development mode of sports work and pay more attention to changing the management system and operating mechanism of county-level sports. In his speech "Implementation is the Key", Xi Jinping, general Secretary of the Communist Party of China, makes it clear that "the grass-roots level is the foothold of all work. Whether our policies and measures have been implemented or not, whether they have been well implemented or not, the grassroots have the most practical feelings. If the implementation is not good or slow, the masses will respond." Thus it can be seen that grass-roots units play an important role in the implementation of various policies and measures. In recent years, after some county-level sports departments merged with other institutions, their management system and organizational network are not sound, their development ideas do not meet the requirements of reform, and the leading position of some county-level sports departments is weakened. In this case, actively promote the county in gansu province sports system mechanism innovation, transformation of the mode of management and public services and guidance to promote the county set up sports center, the basic functions of public service, undertake sports to develop the sports social groups, to carry out the national fitness promotion and popularization, gradually formed the government leading, sports center, sports clubs to organize and implement coordinated service, the whole society to participate in the sports organizations at the grass-roots level system and the diversified development of the network, provide the foundation for the provincial sports undertakings and industry development support.

Record: What is the focus of the development of Gansu sports industry? In outdoor sports, leisure sports industry, what is the idea?

Yang: The layout of Gansu sports industry has established a sports industry system with the emphasis on outdoor sports, the coordinated development of sports services such as fitness and leisure, competition and performance, venue services and intermediary training, and the integrated development of sports and culture, tourism, health services, pension services and other related industries. The above development ideas are in line with the national "One Belt And One Road" strategy, based on the actual situation, based on the principles of small investment, quick results and strong operability.

In the Implementation Opinions, Gansu puts forward the construction of "three plates" of the fitness and leisure industry development pattern. First, lanzhou and Hexi areas, mainly automobile motorcycle, snow and ice, Yellow River rafting, hiking cross-country, aviation and other characteristics of sports; Second, in the central region, mountain biking, horse racing, mountain climbing, tug-of-war, dragon boat and other characteristic projects; Third, in Longdong and South Of Gansu, we mainly carry out red tourism, outdoor fishing, martial arts, kongtong leisure health and other characteristic projects. Foster ice and snow sports industry and aviation, support various climate and geographic conditions were fully utilized to carry out the ice and snow world, encourage social forces of ice and snow sports venue construction, the province folk capital has made use of 15 of winter sports skiing as base, using the special conditions of air in hexi corridor, built in jiuquan, jiayuguan gliding base. At present, the outdoor industry system of gansu's characteristic "three plates" has been preliminarily formed.

On November 22, the State Council issued the Guidelines on accelerating the Development of the Lifestyle Service Industry and Promoting the Upgrading of the Consumption Structure.

Yang: The lifestyle service industry covers a wide range of areas and involves all aspects of people's lives. Accelerating the development of the lifestyle service industry is an important way to shift the impetus of economic growth, an important measure to upgrade the quality and efficiency of the economy, and an important means to ensure and improve people's livelihood. Especially in recent years, the amount of money and time invested in fitness, leisure and sports has increased significantly, and sports service consumption has become an important part of life consumption and a rigid demand.

At present and for a period of time to come, the main contradiction in the development of sports is still the growing demand of the people for sports and the relative insufficiency of sports resources and public services provided by the government and society. Therefore, earnestly implement the national fitness national strategy, strengthen the government's public service function, to improve the national fitness public service system, give full play to the sports in to build a well-off society in an all-round way, improve people's livelihood and promoting economic development, promote the important role of cultural prosperity, is the current and future a period of the important tasks of government and sports departments at all levels.


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