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Where can we stop the relay race

Over the past few years, we have been through a very difficult time, and everyone is trapped at home. Now things are getting better, and Nike is well prepared for the recovery of the sports market. Not long ago, Nike opened up the market where we could get rid of our market activities and hoped to bring them back to the familiar sports ground safely.



In May 10th, Nike will invite different cities to run a group relay race. At the same time, online launched the NRC "run to fly, do not lag behind" 500 thousand km challenge. With online and offline interaction, more people will be gathered together, one stick after another, one after another, with the power of movement to prove that when "I" become "us" and work together, it will bring positive changes, and then achieve great counter attack.




I believe that through this special period of experience and transformation, we will become stronger. Nike is a brand full of hope and optimism. In the future, we will continue to convey and inspire this spirit. The running lane of Shanghai will also serve as a main activity platform for better service and experience for runners and sports enthusiasts. Yes, where can we stand?


He ran to fly 500 thousand kilometers without challenge.



A man can run out of greatness, and a group of people can run away from legend.

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